Our catalogues describe new and newly-acquired Mexican academic publications. They are a unique, accumulative bibliographic reference tool that librarians and scholars use to keep abreast of titles in their fields of interest. We pride ourselves in carefully composing them so they provide accurate and reliable information about the books we sell. We formulate the descriptive text so that they succinctly describe the contents, plus we include relevant contextual information to enhance understanding of a book’s importance. We design the catalogues to provide information so that our partners can decide if a book is suitable for collection and scholarly needs.

We produce two catalogue lines: Books From Mexico and MexicoSur. The former is a general catalogue of the most important recent academic publications and the latter contains significant new publications from Mexico’s southern and southeastern states.

To view our most recent catalogues, select one or more issues below. Each catalogue is arranged by subject category, then alphabetically by author and/or title within each thematic category. Please consult the subject index at the end of each catalogue.