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More than 35 years the leading supplier of Mexican publications to academic and research libraries worldwide.

The keys to our success are our innovative search techniques, dogged persistence and unflagging enthusiasm for finding order amid chaos.  For more than three decades our mission has been to identify, acquire and supply appropriate Mexican titles in an orderly fashion.  We make them available for easy purchase by e-mail.

Firm Orders

We supply publications issued in every Mexican state and Mexico City. Our staff of acquisition specialists is the largest and best trained among all Mexican book vendors. Our nationwide network of suppliers includes academic presses, commercial publishers, private presses, NGOs, trade associations, government agencies, large publishers, individual authors, artistic societies, museums, small publishing houses, and others whose production doesn’t even appear on the radar of most book sellers. More…

Approval Plans

Hundreds of important academic and university libraries worldwide depend on our acumen to reinforce and enhance their traditional book selection and acquisition processes. Every year we offer thousands of appropriate titles on a contingency basis whereby all participating libraries can return any unwanted publication for full credit. Our experience and expertise translate to a returns rate of less than two percent. We hit the target more than 98% of the time! More…

Subscriptions and Serials services

We do not sub-let our acquisitions and delivery services for serial publications to third parties, not even to publishers. Every copy of every subscription title through our hands, so we can guarantee that you receive them promptly. Besides the usual list of oft-seen national serial titles, we also cover local, state and regional publications. We even supply Mexican publications that can not be obtained through subscription services in Mexico! More…

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